Extra virgin olive oil certified PDO ‘’Terra d’Otranto’’


Covers the name of a Region or a specific place, which is used to describe a product originating in that Region or place.The quality or characteristics of the product are essentially or exclusively linked to the particular geographical environment (with its inherent natural and human factors ) of the Region or place concerned.The production, processing and preparation of the product must take place in the defined geographical area.The PDO EU Certification provide a guarantee to consumers that the items they are purchasing are genuine and authentically made in a specific Region of the EU and that they possess unique and specific qualities linked to their Region of origin. What differenziates and makes more expensive the extra virgin olive oil PDO certified from the normal extra virgin olive oil is the fact that it must fully comply with the production disciplinary recognized from European Community as PDO ‘’ Protected Denomination of Origin’’ (Reg.C.E. N° 644/98). This disciplinary includes all olive oil production steps from the cultivation of olive trees to harvesting and crushing of olives, extraction of olive oil, analysis of the final product which must comply with several and stringent analytical characteristics, packaging of the product. The control of the compliance with this disciplinary is performed by an external Authority named by Italian Ministry of Agriculture and it’s guaranteed from the same Ministry (Art.10 Reg. C.E.510/2006).