Azienda Agricola Rollo 1859

Historical Enterprise of Italy

Antica Masseria Troali EngThe Rollo’s Farm 1859, Historical Enterprise of Italy, represents the excellence in the olive cultivation field and it’s located in Veglie (Lecce), Salento area in South Apulia Region with about 20 hectares of oliveyards and 4,000 olive trees. The several varieties of olives produced , from the autochthonous ‘’ogliarola di Lecce’’ and ‘’cellina di Nardò’’ to ‘’leccino’’, ‘’frantoio’’, ‘’nociara’’, ‘’nocellara del Belice’’ and ‘’biancolilla’’ confer on the blend of our olive oil a unique smell and taste. Our Farm has received several awards in the most prestigious exhibitions of the sector as ‘’SOL di Verona’’, ‘’CIBUS di Parma’’, ‘’Sirena d’oro di Sorrento’’, ‘’Ercole olivario di Perugia’’, ‘’Orciolo d’oro di Pesaro’’ and it produces extra virgin olive oil and extra virgin olive oil certified DOP ‘’Terra d’Otranto’’ marketed in Italy, in several Countries of European Community, in USA and Japan.